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Mood-Boosting Yoga and Breathing Postures | Whole Living

25 Nov

Rise Above Depression | Whole Living

Mood-Boosting Yoga and Breathing Postures

Through her Boston-based business,¬†Breathe into Balance, “transformational consultant” Kelly Larson helps clients make life changes using yoga, meditation, and yogic breathing techniques, along with spiritual guidance if they so choose.

Here, she demonstrates a yoga routine based on postures that have been shown to help stabilize mood: A 2004 pilot study from UCLA examined how three types of postures — standing, forward bends, and back bends — affected mood in adults. The findings suggest that yoga, particularly back bends, increased confidence and decreased negativity.

Larson suggests repeating this 20- to 30-minute routine twice a week, taking time to breathe into each pose and to relax at the end.


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